For the 2019 Spring Season, our new collection has deviated slightly from the norm and we won't be launching any clothing...

Instead Lotus Maternity is pleased to announce a whole new range of services to compliment our award-winning range of nursing wear. With our Founder, Olivia, having a background in midwifery we felt it was time to leverage all that expert knowledge and skill and find even more ways to help and support mothers. Following conversations with former midwife colleagues and mums in the local area, Olivia developed her 'Postnatal Plan'.

Unfortunately due to NHS cutbacks midwives and health visitors simply aren't able to provide mothers with the support they really need during the postnatal period. It's an enormous lifestyle change and a major shock to the system having a baby and a transitional time that needs to be nurtured and protected, in order for mums to feel confident and empowered in feeding and caring for their babies.

It can also be somewhat of an isolating time as you adjust to life and the demands of a newborn baby. Where you cannot imagine how you'll ever leave the house, when you struggle to just find time to have a cup of tea! This is where we have stepped in though and provided the perfect solution, so when you are ready to get out and about with baby, our Postnatal Plan is exactly what you need!

So what is The Postnatal Plan?

In a nutshell it's professional, affordable, friendly support and education, from Olivia, former midwife.
From infant feeding and baby care, to individual breastfeeding support. We have all of your parenting needs covered.
Our classes are held within cosy establishments where babies and breastfeeding are welcomed. They’re a great way to meet other mums and share experiences in your local area, within an informal and sociable setting.

Examples of topics we will cover within the course:
-Baby first aid
-Dealing with a reluctant feeder
-Common problems with newborns
-Responsive bottle feeding
-Sleep cycles and routine
-Breastfeeding: positioning
-Perineal & C-section wound care
-A healthy diet for breastfeeding

And many more topics that all mums need to know!

Our classes are currently held in three location in Nottingham:

  • Monday 11:00-12:00 at The Ruddington Arms, Ruddington
  • Tuesday 10:30-12:00 at The White Lion, Bingham
  • Friday 12:00-13:00 at Forty Four, Westbridgford

  • Receive your first class complimentary on us, subsequent classes are just £5 per session. To enquire about the commencement dates of our classes, please email or follow our Facebook or Instagram pages using @lotusmaternity

    We look forward to meeting you there!