This Is What Our Valued Customers Say...

"The Burgundy feeding top is fantastic!"

Thank you so much for my Lotus Maternity top! Breastfeeding isn't the most glamorous and breastfeeding friendly clothes can be far from glamorous. With the Lotus Maternity top, it allowed me to feel good, look good and allowed me to breast feed discreetly in public. I attended a global business conference with my daughter when she was 6 weeks old and this Lotus Maternity top was a staple piece in my closet for those 3 days, as it looks so smart, professional and is incredibly versatile.
Also, when breastfeeding I found I used to overheat a lot. However, with my Lotus Maternity top the under layer is really soft to touch and cooling so great for both me and the baby and the chiffon outer layer was also cooling but transparent so you could ensure latch is correct and baby comfortable without having to forego discretion.
~ Niamh

"This product is the best!"

A comfortable and shapely vest top that fits really nicely and doesn't ride up during the day. Quality release clips. The chiffon over top is very discreet for feeding and extremely comfortable whilst also being stylish. I also love the personality behind the brand.
~ Claire

"My blanket is absolutely gorgeous and the quality is great!"

My lovely cousin gave me one of your personalised blankets for my son. It is absolutely gorgeous and the quality is great. Baby Stanley absolutely loves it.
~ Lucy

"It’s just so gorgeous!!"

When I had my little boy last spring I really struggled to breastfeed him in the beginning. It took almost 2 weeks before he’d take milk from me and it took another couple of months before I began to feel confident breastfeeding. Feeding in public was always really stressful for me and I hated finding clothes to wear as 1. They never looked good on my postpartum body and 2. The stress of finding something feeding friendly was a nightmare!!
My friend gave me a Lotus Maternity top and it was amazing!! Beautiful colour, fabric and shape!! I felt feminine and in control of feeding and it gave me such a confidence boost when taking my little boy out as I knew just how easy it would be to feed him!! I love this top and highly recommend it to all mothers who are breastfeeding, and even to those who aren’t as it’s just so gorgeous!!
~ Hannah

"Such a thoughtful and wonderful gift"

I was gifted a personalised baby blanket for my baby girl when she was a week old. The quality is exceptional and the design is so beautiful! It is a lovely present that she will be able to keep and treasure forever. Would 100% recommend, such a thoughtful and special gift.
~ Soph

"Makes a wonderful gift."

I bought this for my Sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago, and suffice to say she absolutely loves it. It arrived much quicker than expected, and also comes with a few extra touches that really make it a premium product. The top itself looks really smart and professional, and is perfect for maintaining a degree of privacy whilst breastfeeding.
Would highly recommend!
~ Tom

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others."

I bought the Daisy nursing top in navy and really love it. As well as allowing me to feed discreetly and confidently in public, it feels really luxurious and is clearly a high quality product. It feels very different to other nursing wear that I have tried and I actually feel quite elegant wearing this (something that doesn’t happen that often!) The fabric is super soft and it hangs beautifully creating a really lovely shape. This was a real treat that I will continue to wear beyond breastfeeding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.
~ Sarah

"Amazing value for money!"

I purchased the Daisy navy top at The Baby Show in preparation for my first baby. The concept is absolutely brilliant and is what endeared me to the brand, it means as a first time mum I feel secure tackling breastfeeding in public with no worries or concerns while building up my confidence.
The great thing about the design of the top is that while you can pair it with jeans and wear it to brunch with friends, I have also paired it with a jumpsuit and chunky necklace and worn it out for dinner. It really has become a staple in my wardrobe for a variety of different occasions and the lightweight loose fitting design means I feel comfortable while my body changes and adapts to having a baby.
Thank you, Olivia for thinking of us mums and supporting us in feeding our babies.
~ Sophie

"Worth every penny!"

I recently received my amazing Bamboo blanket from Lotus Maternity, and could not be happier! The blanket is super soft to touch and could not be happier to wrap my new born niece in it! The material is amazing and unlike some other blankets has no fibres for her delicate little finger nails to catch on. The blanket has a slight stretch and perfect to wrap her up after bath time. Mum also tells me she uses it all the time feeding and when out and about and comes out like new when washed.
I chose the letter ‘A’ to be embroidered in the the corner and was finely stitched to perfection with a lovely satin edge trim to finish it off! It came beautifully wrapped and was the perfect gift for my first newborn niece.
I am so happy and I am sure we will keep it for a long time! Worth every penny!!
~ Neil

"Really comfortable and discreet"

Really comfortable to feed in this. It's super discreet with the slip underneath. The slip is like none I've had before, others have ridden up during the day but this one stays put. They are two separate parts too so you can use them separately. Both would be OK after you've finished feeding too.
~ Rachel

"The bamboo Lilly vest is great!"

The under vest for the feeding tops is great. It's really good quality, comfortable and practical.
~ Gemma

"I would definitely recommend this product."

The Lotus breastfeeding top is a lovely light and stylish solution to breastfeeding whilst still being modest and looking good. The top is very soft and comfortable with a floaty overlay which you can dress up or down for any occasion. You can also continue to use it (either with the top or a non-feeding top) after you stop breastfeeding which gives you even better value for money.
The top is not cheap at around £67 for both the top and the slip, but when you factor in that they are locally manufactured rather than made in China etc and made with bamboo, then it isn't badly priced at all. I also like that it is long enough to overlap with your trousers, so that you're not flashing your post pregnancy tummy!
~ Claire

"My personalised blanket is perfect!"

I received the bamboo baby blanket as a gift from a family member for my baby boy when he was just a couple of weeks old and we have used it every day.
This is my second baby so naturally I have around a dozen baby blankets but I can honestly say this is the softest blanket we own and the only one suitable for this hot summer we're experiencing!
It's perfect to lay baby down onto as the bamboo material keeps him cool as it is a natural material yet it also provides the right degree of warmth on the cooler days and the colour is perfect for summer to cover our black pram to keep baby cool when out in the sun! We received ours embroidered which was a lovely personal touch.
~ Amy

"Highly recommend!"

Highly recommend this brand and the beautiful products to all fellow mamas out there! The creator of the brand Olivia was previously a midwife and the fantastic bamboo nursing vests in particular reflect this.
I would have been lost without my vests when my baby was born, the soft fabric meant that I wasn’t wincing every time I was nursing or changing- such a handy design for discreet and easy feeding. There may be slightly cheaper products on the market but none i’ve found could match the quality premium fabric nor were produced by a brand with such great ethics.
Thank you, Lotus Maternity for all of your help with feeding my little girl! X
~ Sophie

"Would definitely recommend!"

Bought a personalised bamboo baby blanket as a present for my boss's newborn, a very sweet and thoughtful gift that he really appreciated! The blanket is practical and cute, he would definitely recommend! Xx
~ Charlotte

"Highly recommend!"

I bought a personalised bamboo blanket for my cousin who had just had a baby boy - she unwrapped it and I didn’t see her without it for the rest of the day! It was the perfect gift. It was big enough to properly wrap around baby, and it felt amazing - just right for keeping him warm but not making him too hot. I would recommend this to mums themselves, as well as any gift-givers. :) Thanks, Lotus!
~ Libby

"Good quality product & really helpful for breastfeeding"

Pretty, feminine design to help breastfeeding mums stay covered up. Good quality product, lightweight and feels good, easy to use and personalised service.
~ Rose

"Easy to use when out and about to feed baby"

I was sent this product as one of the judges for the 2018, Made For Mums Awards. Very comfortable, stylish item. Easy to use when out and about to feed baby. A really nice idea, well made with good fabrics.
~ Elizabeth

"What a great gift!"

I was at a local charity raffle and won the opportunity to pick a prize, I stayed away from all the lovely donated hampers and chose the Lotus Maternity Lightweight Summer Bamboo blanket as a family friend had just given birth to a little girl and it looked like a great gift. The material was beautifully soft and the presentation was stunning, I really liked the satin finish on the edges.
After catching up with my friend she said she loves the blanket and her baby is comfortable wrapped in the blanket. She says baby is happy in the blanket in this heat as it's breathable and keeps her cooler in the night. What a great gift! Thanks, Lotus! :)
~ Kat

"Such great quality"

Got this given to us as gift for our newborn! I have never felt anything so soft before. Also it came embroided with her name. Amazing quality and will definitely recommend to people as a beautiful keep sake when my daughter is older! Thank you.
~ Aimee W

"A 5* product!"

This top was very good and practical for breastfeeding and I have told other mothers about it. It is now packed away waiting for my next baby which will be in about another year. The top is a lovely colour and the material is good and it washes very nicely. A 5 star product!
~ Elaine

"The products are definitely fit for discreet breastfeeding"

I feel very feminine and youthful whilst wearing the top. I would definitely buy more of the beautifully soft undertops that are breathable, moisture absorbent and kind to skin. I struggled at first to find a belt to go with the top from my own collection but once I did, I felt I could dress it up really nicely for special occasions. I would recommend this product to friends and family!
~ Beth

"Really easy to feed in"

If I'm being honest, It took me a little while to try it out as I wasn't sure how it would work with a cardigan or coat, but I needn't have worried about that as it seemed to work fine. The slip was really soft and obviously good quality. And the colour of the top is absolutely gorgeous. I found it really easy to feed in and really discreet and there was less flesh on show than my usual feeding tops.
~ Gwen

"Love it!"

I absolutely love this top, I'm a size 18 and I love how it hides all of my bumpy bits. I can't wait for summer so that I can show it off and don't have to put a jacket on and hide it. I want to buy it in blue too, as that colour looks gorgeous as well and I have plenty of necklaces to style it up too!
~ Janice

"The Peonies Burgundy top is so effortless"

I’m not always fond of breastfeeding in public but this top makes my job much easier! I’ve recommended it to all my breastfeeding friends, so classy too.
~ Aly

"This top is highly recommended"

This is one of the very few stylish and comfortable feeding tops available which doesn't look like a feeding top. I particularly like the comfort and softness of the black vest top and the overall look. I recently wore it to a friend’s baby’s first birthday and received many compliments. I would recommend this top.
~ Mina

"I really loved the Peonies feeding top"

I really loved the Peonies feeding top it was beautiful, when I tried it on I didn’t really feel it suited me although I really wanted it to. The size I got I think was medium, as I am a 12-14 but felt the vest was a tiny bit tight but still comfortable and felt very supportive.
As my little man arrived in January I found wearing the vest top with a cardigan very comfortable and using the beautiful floaty top when I needed to feed him worked perfectly. Sadly I wasn’t able to breast feed for long (I was really hoping for 3rd time lucky.)
So I passed it on to my best friend who had a little boy ‘Tommy’ at the end of December she is amazing with breastfeeding (I was quite envious) it suits her perfectly as she had a wedding to go to in March and it was brilliant for that, she said the same the vest was very comfortable, felt strong and supportive, easy to use and excellent quality.
She used it all the time with the floaty top over winter and is still using it now as it’s perfect for the hot weather too. She said she doesn’t cover little man with the top anymore as he would be too hot even though it is so breathable.
The top is beautiful the only thing was the vest size but that was only slight and probably just me. The packaging it came in was beautiful as well, such a lovely touch and makes you feel very special receiving something like that shortly after giving birth, your personal touches are perfect.
~ Georgina

"I would purchase more and recommend to family & friends"

This top is great for discreet breastfeeding and my baby feeds successfully underneath it. I would give the highest rating for the fabric in terms of its softness, kindness to skin and breathability. It's also really durable which helps if needing to wash it a lot.
Because of the quality of the fabric and the finished product and that it is made here in the UK, the top is appropriately priced and I would purchase more feeding tops. When I wear the top I feel elegant, pretty, feminine and sophisticated. I can use it for all kinds of occasions, both day and evening wear, special occasion and casual and is great to wear outside of home. It flatters my figure which is a great bonus too!
~ Laura May

"This top is fantastic, my daughter is feeding underneath it which is amazing!"

My baby is 6 and a half months and hasn't accepted anything over her head since before 3 months, so it is awesome. It helps that it's lightweight so she can still see me through the neck. The slip fits really well, not too tight so fits nicely, also easy to unclip to feed a demanding baby!
~ Laura

"Great product"

I was sent the Lotus Maternity feeding top in Nude as a product tester in this year’s Made for Mums Awards. I really liked the concept and design of this feeding top, it was lightweight and easy to feed in. Personally I prefer to wear darker colours but I was happy to wear this top on multiple occasions. The nursing vest was lovely and comfortable, just what you want when you are breastfeeding. I love that there was no messing about like with standard tops when feeding. It washed really well and stayed lovely. Great product.
~ Emma

"A great feeding top for Summer"

Thanks for sending me this top to try as part of the product testing for the 2018 Made for Mums Awards. Congratulations also on your business I hope it is going well. I really liked the vest underneath and wore that multiple times with different outfits.
The material of the outer top was really nice and very well made but the nude colour was draining on me as I am very fair skinned. Also I think I would have gotten more wear out of it had it been the summer rather than winter.
~ Lisa

"Would highly recommend"

I ordered three personalised bamboo blankets from Lotus Maternity (incl. one double weight) for new arrivals from close friends and family. The blankets were wonderful quality and Olivia was a joy to deal with.
My request was bespoke - including different colour embroidery - and Lotus Maternity went above and beyond to not only accommodate my needs but also to keep me up to date every step of the process. I will use again myself in future and would highly recommend.
~ Paul

"Love this product"

It is a really lovely product and so elegant to look and obviously to wear. Who knew breastfeeding could look so sophisticated? It's lovely to have something a bit different. I like it because you can dress it up and dress it down and actually doesn't look like a breastfeeding top.
~ Jacque

"A beautiful top, perfect for breast feeding"

You probably didn’t notice me at the exhibition when I was walking past but kept looking at the Azalea top on the mannequin... kept saying to my colleague editors from other areas “that’s beautiful isn’t it – you’d wear that even if you weren’t breastfeeding it’s gorgeous!”
It’s so good that someone has put a collection together of beautiful garments that are also perfect for breast feeding rather than style being an after thought to purpose. It’s hard to get your confidence back post natal with tiredness and demands of a baby so what you have done is amazing to make ladies feel feminine and, although I hate the word, pretty.
~ Sarah

"Fantastic quality"

A vest is a vest though right? Well if you’re looking for better quality check out Lotus Maternity's, as their nursing vests are made of bamboo and are so silky soft. The vest also washes very well and has stayed lovely and soft!
~ Jennie


The nursing vest is amazing! The vest is incredibly soft, even after numerous washes. The fabric washes fantastically, it hasn’t shrunk or become baggy at all. It is really easy to use with a simple click clasp and is nice enough to be worn on its own with a cardigan or a jacket, or underneath a top. Thank you, Lotus Maternity for helping me feel comfortable to breastfeed in public easily.
~ Jen

"Really useful"

I have found the breastfeeding top really helpful, especially the Lilly strappy top. It's incredibly soft, kind to skin and the clasps are secure yet really easy to release to feed a demanding baby. It washes and fits nicely and is really well made from beautiful fabric.
~ Jessica

"Best baby blanket I have ever bought!"

I ordered a blanket for my nephew, and it was perfect. Great communication, Lotus was fast and offered any further help with any enquiries. I ordered the blanket and it was ready in the same week. Would definitely order again one of the best baby blankets I’ve ever bought hands down!
~ Chantelle

"It’s definitely much more than just a breastfeeding top!"

I won a competition called 3 in 1 by Ninery to win a Peonies top. I chose Burgundy and it really is a beautiful top. It is perfect for a special occasion and the burgundy colour is perfect for the festive season. I tried dressing it up and down and it works combined with jeans, jeggings or even a little black dress.
I think this top will last long past my breastfeeding days, so if you are thinking of getting one do and you will be surprised by how much wear you will get out of it. It’s definitely much more than just a breastfeeding top! X
~ Melanie

"Beautiful, personalised gift"

If you are looking for a beautiful, personalised gift made to the highest quality then I would really recommend Lotus Maternity baby blankets. I recently purchased one for a very special friend and was delighted with both the product, the personalised service and the thought that went into the packaging and delivery. Great product Olivia -your vision is to be admired and I know your business will go far!
~ Clare

"Will be recommending to friends and family!"

I purchased one of Lotus Maternity’s bamboo baby blankets for my niece born in September. The blanket itself is beautiful, soft and is extra special as it’s monogrammed with my niece’s initials and date of birth. Her parents were over the moon! Ordering with Liv was very easy and made the whole process smooth and very personable. Will be recommending to friends and family! Thank you, Lotus Maternity.
~ Sarah D

"Really soft and great quality"

I was very lucky to win one of the bamboo blankets on a raffle. It’s lightweight and can roll up small so it fits nicely into a changing bag but it still keeps my daughter warm. It’s really soft and is great quality. It is perfect for any baby and my daughter loves it!
~ Aimee

"A product which is 100%"

I was honoured to have a Personalised blanket made for our daughter. The quality is 5 star. And very soft. I would recommend this to all new babies. Quality made and very durable. Thank you, Lotus Maternity. A product which is 100%.
~ Sukhbir

"So useful and stylish!"

Tops are so useful and stylish! I feel so at ease feeding my little boy in public now and they are so pretty that I feel confident wearing them to a nice meal or night out with him
~ Caitlyn

"Soft and luxurious"

Thank you for timely delivery. The blanket is so soft and luxurious.
~ Julie


This blanket is just what I was looking for, it's silky soft, what you'd expect from quality bamboo, I love it and I'm sure my baby will love it too! I had it personalised with the name of the baby embroidered on it. The blanket was well packaged with lovely personal touches and a message from the seller. Recommended!
~ Laura

"Beautifully made top"

Beautifully made top that has allowed me to feel very comfortable when breastfeeding in public. Many thanks.
~ Katie