A small introduction to part of the story behind ‘Made in the UK’, that is so much more than a statement of origin.

As part of the social media campaign for ‘March Meet The Maker’ I wanted to start showing more of the behind the scenes work that goes into Lotus Maternity’s premium, unique and UK made nursing wear. So I decided to take a visit to The Nottingham Label Company because I’m having some new materials made there, for an exciting product launch coming soon!

I have always used this printing company for our garment’s wash care labels but never realised or seen how they are actually made. In the past I have placed my order, approved the artwork and received the goods, so this was a truly eye-opening experience.

I was so surprised by the volume of work that goes into making garment labels and printing in general! I was there nearly 2 hours, learning and taking it all in and having a laugh too (that goes without saying!) It was described to me as a ‘Tardis’ and it’s safe to say you truly would not expect the size of the factory or the abundance of machinery, as well as all the highly skilled operators and years of craftsmanship behind the office doors.


It can only be compared to that of Narnia, whereby you open a set of doors and there’s a whole other world inside!

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